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Protect Your Brand with a TrademarkTrademark

If you are looking for trademark services, we can help. Trademarks include your logo, brand name, taglines, and other entities that distinguish your brand. We can assist you in searching for and registering trademarks, and protecting your trademarks once they are registered. 

Obtaining a trademark can take months at the federal level, and numerous pitfalls have to be avoided to ensure that your proposed mark will obtain trademark protection. Our trademark services include conducting a trademark search, preparing and filing a trademark application, and representing a client in trademark opposition and infringement proceedings. Contact us today to learn more about our trademark services.

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Trademark Search

A trademark search is an important first step in the trademark registration process. A search can help to identify potential conflicts with other trademarks and can also provide information on the strength of a proposed trademark.

Trademark Registration

Preparing and filing a trademark application can be a complex process. A qualified trademark attorney or agent can help to ensure that the application meets all the necessary requirements and can help to expedite the registration process.

Trademark Protection

Representing a client in trademark opposition and infringement proceedings can be a complex and time-consuming process. A qualified trademark attorney or agent can help to protect a client's rights and can also help to resolve any disputes that may arise.

Here's why every business should get a trademark:

Ensures a unique brand identity

Protection against copying

Exclusivity of operation

Right to legal action against infringement

Adds to the company’s prestige

Necessary for foreign trademark filing

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